I am really enjoying my work, both as a massage therapist and a graphic designer. Meditation really helped me figure out who I am and what I needed to be doing in my life. Though I plan on snowballing this graphics work into more video production work, and then writing and creating movies, I feel so incredibly happy using my creative talents and brains.

At times I am struggling with time constraints. I’ve been incredibly busy, and I think that family and friend time will always be incredibly important to me. My mother is coming out to visit in a few weeks, and I am so excited. I am much less stressed than the last few times she has been here. I feel like I will be able to enjoy her so much more. I am definitely able to relax and let go now. Thank God. So, I just need to plan my time a little better and let go when I need to.

So, I’ve got to get to the yoga and meditation. The yoga was a little inconsistent for about three days and my hip starting hurting quite badly for a few days. I tried to lapse back to my old ways, but good old pain wouldn’t let me. HA.

If you’re thinking about making this same kind of change in your life. Do it. You won’t be sorry. I am a different person than I was six months ago.



The following is from the Beauty Body Wellness Associates website:

“Electro Acuscope/Electro Myopulse

The controlled micro-current bio impedance monitoring technology has been proven successful in medicine and in sports for more than 25 years. In September 2002, the Journal of Radiology Oncology Biology and Physics, Volume 54, Number 1, 2002 printed a Range of Motion Study, performed at Fermi Labs in Chicago. This study showed dramatic improvement in ROM with cancer patient survivors after radiation therapy had damaged tissue and reduced movement.

Celebrities and athletes including Sting, N-sync, Wayne Newton, Life House, Rachael Hunter, Cloris Leachman, Jack Nicklaus, Tony Robbins, Pope John Paul, Michael Jordan, the Forty Niners, the Chicago White Sox, Joan Benoit, Carl Lewis, Stephen Segal, Pavoratti and many more have had effective results with the technology. Many have purchased their own instruments.

The Acuscope and Myopulse instruments successfully treat any acute and chronic injuries in 1 to 10 treatments. The System provides for multiple treatment options including site of pain treatment, auricular therapy, meridian therapy, foot reflexology, odonton therapy and CES (cranial electro stimulation) for anxiety reduction and relaxation. All treatments start with the ear clips for deep relaxation, assimilating an alpha state and several hours of rest in 15 to 30 minutes. The instruments detoxify the lymph system, increase ATP, which is critical for muscle repair, eliminates pain and sore muscles and improves range-of-motion. All these positive benefits make the Electro Acuscope/Myopulse System the most advanced tissue-controlled micro amperage electrotherapy computer system in the world!

The input/output mechanism allows this feedback process to be scanned and altered every 2.5 thousandth of a second, on each of the 3 feedback loops, capturing the event as it occurs and responding in real-time. With this speed the “dynamic duo” balances the tissues picture perfect every time by reading the person’s resulting bio-impedance from the cells themselves and constantly changing the form and intensity of the treatment to meet the specific needs of the individual, proves that this technology is light years ahead, achieving more effective long term results in record time. This beyond revolutionary discovery is the only customized healing treatment for muscles and tissue repair, pain elimination and stress management. It is a totally holistic and preventive approach to healing and is similar to the concept of acupuncture without the needles, and is 100 times faster – allowing the body to heal itself at an accelerated rate.

The gentle and relaxing stimulation allows the tissue and muscles to correct any electrical imbalance at an accelerated rate by working with energy levels compatible with the tissues of the body. The result is conformed healthy muscles and tissue, improved organ functions, increased circulation and managed stress. With these results Physicians or Health Practitioners can treat the entire body inside and out, hence a paradigm in medical technology is born. This cutting-edge process conforms to healthy tissues bringing the entire region into homeostasis or balance. Physicians world-wide, who specialize in a full range of treatments to fit the needs of their health conscious patients wanting a pain free quality life, use the Electro Acuscope/Myopulse System.”

Anna Marie Colavito, the president of Beauty Body wellness, trained me in the “La Fleur Reparer” for the past two days. I learned techniques and settings on this $18,000 machine for body services. I will be facilitating cellulite treatments, butt and breast lifts, electric massages, and organ detox treatments. I, however, am most interested in learning the medical side of using microcurrent. The possibilities are exciting.

Years back I had a muscle strain in my bicep tendon and had just one treatment with microcurrent therapy, and it was AMAZING. No pain in one treatment. So, I’ll do butt lifts so I can eventually learn the medical uses. Microcurrent has successfully treated cancer, gangrene, and more. The possibilities are exciting, so I am thrilled to be learning something new. Just like I wanted to do.


What do I write when everything is going well? They always say that drama and tragedy fuels creativity. Well, screw that. I’m not having things turn to shit again so I can get creative. Looks like I need to take this experiment to another level, and push myself out of the complacency I feel with meditation and yoga. Why not commit more?

Yeah, like actually order the Self-Realization Fellowship lessons again, or start meditating in a group setting, at least once in a while. Reach out into the world a little more and teach what I know, or take a new class. Cheryl had told me to start learning something new, that it would help cement changes I’m trying to make in my brain, and I think it’s time. Maybe another screenplay class, a writing group, or even learn new software for editing or even Adobe Illustrator. The idea of a writing group kinda sounds thrilling though I’m not sure I’d be learning anything new. A photography class would be great.

But you see what I’m getting at. Complacency is boring. There is so much to do in life. How can anyone ever get bored? Oh yeah, they’re complacent. Well, not me! No way. Now, the thing that I have to figure out is how to not be complacent but still give myself kudos for what I do.

Ah, shit. I’m thinking way too much about all of this.

I think I’ll meditate.


Special Message from Sri Daya Mata on the Earthquake in Chile.

Yes.  This is what I have learned through my meditation.  Security exists only in God by turning within.  When we do this, we know that all things are possible through her.  We trust and move forward in our lives.  Faith kills stagnation, oppression, and fear. 

Namaste.  Enjoy this one.

A little success goes a long way. Since signing the contract with the big company a few days ago, I’ve noticed that it is much easier for my mind to think positively. Before this success, it felt like work. Now, it feels more natural. It is easy to see how one positive thought creates more positive thoughts, and how one negative one will create more negative ones. It’s kinda like sugar. Once you break down and have that one cookie, more cookies are sure to follow.

So what do you do when things get tough? My experiment provides the answer to that. Stay consistent, faithful and focused. Never give up, and plan for success. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it. The alternative is hurtful, so give yourself a chance to live your dreams. Now. Be the happiness you want. Now. If I could enjoy life with the amount of stress I’ve been under for two years, then anybody can. And that means you. And you. And you.


161 days to drastically change your life. That’s how long it took. Okay, I don’t have the castle in Scotland yet or the dog named Chummy, but signing a 6 month graphic design and video production contract with a company poised to be a major world-wide corporate entity is a major step in the right direction. Yah, that’s what we did tonight. It’s been hard work, some fourteen hour days, but it’s worth it.

And last Sept 20, when I started this Triple Goddess Experiment, I had quit my major source of income, a job I drastically hated, and worked part-time caring for my friend’s daughter. I took slack and judgment from friends and non-friends for the bold move I made, but I just knew I needed to make room for my dreams to come into my life. Then, things got tough with that part-time job, and finances got even tougher. I was at times depressed and miserable, but I kept up the experiment. I meditated every day, practiced my yoga, and completed assignment after assignment from my coach, Cheryl Squiers of Become a Lotus. It has been the toughest thing I’ve ever done.

And I’m still doing it. Because this isn’t a fad or an experiment anymore, it’s a way of life. Although, there are days when I don’t get a chance to post a blog and days when I still struggle, I have drastically changed my thought patterns. Having success, of course, will help continue to snowball these positive thoughts into more positive thoughts.

I can see my dreams and a more concrete plan for achieving them more clearly. This website will have the kind of exposure designers can only dream of. It will open many doors for us. Our video production work will be up front and center on this homepage. The potential is huge, and this will help me really follow this direction in my career. Yeah, I still want to write and direct and make stories. I’ve taken the first giant step on this ladder towards that goal.

So, I’m keepin’ on keepin’ on. This blog’s for you Holly.


I felt like Samantha from Bewitched. Last night, after I grumbled in my blog about needing to find the impetus for this blog experiment, I sat down and meditated. I cracked my knuckles, rolled my shoulders back, cracked my neck to the left, then to the right. I sniffled. Empty your mind. Concentrate, concentrate. I focused on my third eye.

Yogananda, I’m back. I’m done punishing you for sending me a boy with an elephant head to save me from evil spirits instead of coming yourself. It really pissed me off that you sent someone else to do the dirty work, but I’ll meditate again, and aren’t you sorry I stopped meditating for a few days? I mean that must’ve really pissed you off, right? Concentrate. Breathe. The breath. So, Yogananda, could you protect me in this meditation please? I really could use a bouncer here. I’ve been dreaming about evil spirits and shit all week.

Okay. Stop thinking Kimmy. Turn it off. Turn it off. Turn it off.


What the fuck was that? I peeked an eye open. Did my computer shut off. Nope. What was that? I looked to my cable/DVR box. It was shut off. Hey, I didn’t do that. I just shut the TV off with the remote like always, but not the cable box.

“Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off!”

Oh my fucking GOD! Did I do that?! What the hell. I meant my brain, not the God damned cable box! I threw my head back and shrieked in laughter.

Then, I looked at it the cable box real hard. I whispered, “Turn on. Turn on. Turn on.”


I blinked my eyes.


I took my finger and wiggled my nose. Turn on.


Turn the fuck back on you piece of shit!


Son of a bitch. I closed my eyes again. Yogananda! I mentally stamped my foot. Make it turn back on! I felt like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


Then it hit me right across my magical forehead. Nothing.

Nothing is what I want when I meditate. I’m always looking for that next gimmick to prove to myself that I’m so advanced and oh so spiritual. But meditation isn’t about tricks and magic, it’s about emptying the cup. It isn’t about the click of self-realization, but is about allowing yourself to be empty enough so that realization doesn’t happen, but is. Aristotle believed that every thing and one is in the process of becoming, and while I can understand this concept, it takes the future into consideration. It is waiting for something better. It’s waiting for the Cable Box to turn back on, when it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is the moment. The only one you have. And the peace and beauty in its nothingness.