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I’ve recently vowed to keep a diary of my experiences in healing, mediation and Qi Gong. So, I’ll catch up and then continue as inspired.

Last week, while I meditated, energy from the earth came into my body from my feet. Just below the ball of my big toe, it felt very hot. At the same time, energy from the sky came into my body from my head. I had a great sense that the earth energy was Yin and the sky energy was Yang. I was curious as to what would happen when the two energies met in my body. I calmly observed. As they met in the lower abdomen area, they twined around each other like a DNA helix and moved up my spine in this manner.

Yesterday, I woke up depressed…for no apparent reason. When I learned that Sri Daya Mata passed, I understood clearly that I felt her passing energetically. Oddy enough, I loved her but was not so attracted to her. I sobbed the entire day for her passing. I felt forcefully urged to meditate. As I did, I felt incredible peace and silence, emptiness and fullness at the same time. I, then, felt a hand press on my shoulder and stay there during the rest of the meditation. Om. Jai Guru. Jai Ma.

Today, during my standing meditation, I felt compelled to practice my Qi Gong. As I exhaled the breath and move energy from the Dan Tien area into the reproductive organs, unconciously my pelvis tilted under and as the energy moved down and through the perineum to the coccyx and up, my pelvis tilted back. As the energy moved up the spine, the rib cage expanded and as it retreated down the spin through the front of the body, the ribcage contracted. This movement continued through breath and circulation of the energy. It seemed sexual to me as it almost mimicked the pelvic movement in sex. I don’t think this coincidental. I think that sexual union is spiritual in nature, creating union spiritually and physically when conception occurs. When having sex, then, it would make sense to open the chakras and mind to God.


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I am grateful for living, for breathing.

As I take a moment to reflect and ponder my life, I realize that I am so attached to circumstance that surround it. Invested in the story I tell myself and what others tell me life is supposed to be about. I validate circumstance continually, rather than steady myself by internal contemplation.

Going within reminds me what is important, and what is important is breath. Undulating to the rhythm of being. It is life, no less than that.

So, why do I hold my breath when I am stressed. I literally suffer many deaths when I stop breath, if even for a moment. If time doesn’t exist and each moment is all we have, then the moment I don’t breathe, I cease to live.

I must remember to breathe. Yoga helps remind me of that, as does meditation. It is stronger since I began this experiment. My belly expands when I take a deep breath; it has become more natural.

Remember, my friends, breathe. Live.

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Kimmy’s top ten reasons to do yoga everyday:

10. Celebrities do it.
Maybe this should be number one. The power we give to celebrities in mind-numbing, but if it helps us adopt a healthier, more healthy life-style, then what the heck. Thanks Madonna for being such a stellar role-model! LOL.

9. It releases unwanted gas.
I highly recommend this pose before any date.

8. People will think you are spiritual.
Yogadaytoday.com conducted a survey to understand why some people are inhibited from practicing yoga. The survey indicates that an overwelming 57% of people survey think that it involves mantra and chanting that are about worship. So, you can be conniving, soul-less son of a bitch, but if you practice yoga, people will THINK you are on the path to enlightenment.

7. You can easily camouflage yourself in a forest.
No description needed.
6. Your sex life will improve.
That’s impressive, if you know what I mean.

5. It’s so easy, a baby can do it.
Many people are intimidated by advanced yoga poses. (Like the ones shown above.) But really, now. If babies can do it, so can you.

4. It’s so easy, even dogs can do it.
Gotta love yogadogz and their yoga dogs. Don’t let a dog out-yoga you!

3. You can do it with a partner.

2. You can defy gravity.
Everyone would love to be able to fly! Superman would have nothing on you! Except for the tights and cape.

1. Yogi Bear could be your guru.
You could learn over 500 ways to unsuccessfully steal a picnic basket and learn how to have the cutest sidekick in town.


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Tips on meditation for beginners:

My only rule is to ask for protection from my Guru.  If you are Christian, ask Christ. If you are Jewish, ask God, etc. From there, my meditation will be different depending on my needs for that day or moment, even.  A few helpful bits of advice:

1. Follow your breath.  Though there are different techniques for different types of breathing , I most often just breath through the diaphragm making sure that on an inhalation my belly is pushed out and  on exhalation, it relaxes in.  Some times I breathe through the nose and exhale through the back of the throat.  However, I would say if you are new to meditation, don’t stress about a certain technique.  Most important is to focus the mind on the breath and not on everything else that is going on in your world.  Always return to the breath when the mind drifts and engages.

2. Don’t focus on the breath at all, rather focus on a particular “thing”, like God, love, joy. If you find your mind wandering, don’t worry! That’s normal. Just bring your focus back to what you are intending to meditate on!

3. Stop judging yourself on how well you meditate. Who cares, really! Your are doing it and THAT is what matters. 5 minutes a day. Fine. 10 great. 20 good. An hour- nice! Whatever You want. There is no right or wrong.

4. I would suggest sitting and not laying down. More often than not, you’ll fall asleep if you lay down. I do…every time.

Really that’s it. I let the rest happen and don’t worry about it too much. There are chants, mantras, techniques from yogis and masters, but you don’t need to worry about that. Just start. No excuses.

If you meditate, why don’t you add a tip to this list? Keep it simple, remember it’s for the beginner!

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Today, I worked for probably 6 hours on music with Bryan, writing lyrics for a new Christmas song.  I had a very difficult time stopping, even though I was starving and getting way too much inside my own head.  I felt upset to stop and take a break.  I didn’t want to tear myself away from the work, but Bryan insisted as he knew I needed to eat and get fresh air, do my yoga and exercise. 

When I get in this creative zone, nothing else exists except the creation.  It’s as if the world stops and the only thing that exists is the creation and me.  I realized today that I love being in this zone, but it is hard to acclimate back to “normal” life.  Once I stop, I retain what I am doing for hours and hours, and today, unfortunately, I suffered a major headache from it. 

Bryan took me to eat and then we went to the park and while we waited for tennis courts, I did my yoga.  It, of course, helped ground me and pull me out of my mind and into my body a little more.  I felt better for it,  experiencing a much more balanced feeling. 

So, I feel conflicted, I love this artistic experience of being in the zone, but at the same time I end up  feeling lousy if I don’t set the boundaries with myself and eat and get exercise.  If Bryan wouldn’t have been here, I would have done nothing else but the writing, but would have felt entirely miserable. 

It seems that I wrote about this sort of experience before, and so I guess I’m realizing that this is an issue that returns itself.  Somehow, I need to accept this part of my artistic experience…accept it and screw everything else. Well, I really am not sure, but I will meditate on it…

after I finish the song.

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Turn ’em off. Ya, you know what I’m talking about.  The cell phone, the telephone, the computer, the television, the microwave and the brain…  yes the brain.  Unplug as they say.  Disconnect from everything else and reconnect to yourself.  Then to your loved ones.

I’m saying this because I have spent far too much time connected to my cell phone and computer.  It seems like the only reprieve I’m getting is when I do yoga and meditate.  The rest of the time, it’s like my brain is jacked into the ethernet.  The problem with that is that I have to unplug from the world around me and within me in order to plug into that electronic, computer network.  I tend to disassociate with myself and the  living, breathing world around me.

So, today, after I write this blog, which I’m doing first thing in the morning, I’m unplugging – phone off, computer off, television off.  Then, I’m going to live!  Bryan’s coming over and we’re heading out to Palos Verdes with a picnic. We’re going to hike on the beach, mediate, do yoga, do wing chun and just relax and breathe!  No work and no communication except with ourselves and each other.  

Oh yeah, the other thing I’m turning off is my brain.  It worries sometimes.  It tries to calculate everything and figure it all out.   My big computer in the head tries to take over, when what it really needs to do is shut down and let things be. 

So, here I go…zz, dzz, spark, dzz…..OFF.

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Have you ever just felt on edge for no apparent reason?  A sinking feeling in your stomach.  A general all over malaise.  You look up to find a full moon, and there is none.  Or a dark cloud, and the sun blinds you.  Yet you still feel uncomfortable all through your body? Like your cells are burning from the inside out.

I have .  Today.  It was like last night’s Los Angeles winds blew all my insecurities, doubts and pessimistic attitudes back to me.  Except, really, I think it was the difficult day I had yesterday with the baby that sent my brain on a u-turn.  Cheryl, my Law of Attraction coach, says that, in the brain, “when a strong emotion is felt,  a protein is released along with the neurotransmitters as the neurons fire across the synaptic gap and the protein causes the event to bind to the neural pathway much more strongly that if it was simply a neural thought or memory”.  What this means, basically, is that emotional events create a stronger neural pathway than just a regular memory, and it is my belief that my “crisis” yesterday with the baby found an old, neural pathway in my brain to slide down-one that probably had held similar panic type emotions. Now, even the day after, my brain is still heading down, those old, familiar pathways, so that I’m experiencing old patterns of thinking.

But. Don’t you just love buts? But if a crisis can re-fire old neural pathways, I can also use the science to attach my affirmations and visualizations to positive old neural pathways creating a strong physical bond for my affirmations and new ways of thinking. Cheryl has suggested I do this for my new assignment:

“So what I want you to do is to remember something that made you feel very strongly – maybe like when you won the “Best Model for Barbizon or some other occasion that you can think of when you felt something that you felt very strongly about, and then say your affirmations that you want the most. Do this at least once a day, more would be better.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? And I like this assignment because it’s using something that could be detrimental  and turning around and making it work for you.  So, here I come…  I have some work to do to get my “brain” in a better place, but I’m happy there’s a scientific technique I can use to help me.  And meditation and yoga.  Gotta get to it.


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