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Well, my coach, Cheryl Squiers, quit on me- but my mother, Cheryl Squiers, is back. I have mixed feelings about it. It was a big decision when I asked my mother, a Law of Attraction Teacher, Coach and Speaker, to coach me. We’ve had a past in which I always felt like I couldn’t live up to her expectations-she was the perfect stage mom. I become very guarded and defensive around her. She felt she wasn’t a good enough mother, according to me. And I felt I wasn’t a good enough daughter, according to her. Over the years, we have both worked on our selves, self-esteem, and tools to take care of ourselves. We learned to love ourselves, and since we loved ourselves, we were able to feel each other’s love. I felt that our relationship was finally to the point where I could listen to what she had to teach me.

The experiment was going great for several months, but eventually I started feeling like I was always talking to my coach and not my mother. I began missing her, and our conversations were tense until I finally realized what I was feeling…and I told her. My mother is so incredibly smart, caring, loving and just wonderful. She is a brilliant speaker, a caring coach and an inspiring teacher…but even though she is all of those wonderful things…a girl needs her mom. I needed my mom back. She took a look at how she was acting and felt like she couldn’t turn off the coach with me. She validated how I was feeling. So, she decided to stop coaching me.

So, now the question is, do I find another coach? Or do I coach myself. I have to meditate on this one. I am not sure.

As always, thanks for your support and listening.


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Vision Boards
If you want to learn how to make your own vision board, I highly recommend this site:
How to make your Own Vision Board

It took me 2 months or more to get my vision board finished and believe me folks, this is not how long it needs to take. You will only need a few hours…tops. However, two months is merely reflective of how long it could take if you procrastinate for whatever reason. My reason was because completing the board is good for me, and I seem to be wanting to resist positive change. It’s good for me? Then screw it, I’ll put it off, so I can get away with all my grand, destructive behaviour…heh, heh. Now, pass the bag of Fritos and let me wallow in the thoughts of why I can’t do all the things I want to do. Crunch, crunch.

The first board reflects my life as a professional writer. I live in a beautiful old, home…very castle-like, if not an actual castle…that over-looks the sea from a cliff. Bryan and I live there with our two dogs. I write from this home and create the magic that resides in my stories…and earn a great living!

The second one reflects the excellent health of my body. I dance often, hike, surf and do yoga…all the things that make me feel happy!

While I was making the boards, I felt incredibly focused. It forced me to make decisions on what I want and frankly, what I don’t want…though I kept my mind focused on the postive aspect of that dilemma. Focusing on what I don’t want is never a good idea, or so I’m learning from Cheryl Squiers, my coach. We can acknowledge it, but not dwell on it.

I have hung both boards on the wall by the bathroom, so when I have to go…there they are. Believe me, the way I go, I should be looking at them at least 12 times a day! OY VAY!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or comment. Thank you and as always,

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