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Maybe 35, long dark hair, an advertising executive. Comfortable with her femininity and a clear communicator. No pain please. And no deep tissue. She breezed into the massage room. I sat down and talked with her for 10 minutes, – I didn’t have a client after. I could afford the time.

3 months ago, she was rear ended. The other car was traveling 65 miles per hour. She suffered whiplash, and her upper/mid back hurt. The pain didn’t come until a month or so after.

A perfect candidate for fascia release work, energy work and non-invasive massage. The fascia release work released her neck and shoulders about 40% without any massage technique. Massage soothed her, bringing some blood to the area. There was a build up of energy in her mid-thoracic area, and it felt very hot. I cleared that out, then gave her qi in that area. She felt cool wind on her back, which is also how I experienced the energy from my hands. After 3-5 minutes, the energy in the area felt smooth. I, then, balanced the energy throughout her body.


Last night I dreamt that I was a part of a group of women who dabbled in spiritual things. Suddenly, an evil spirit entered the body of a friend of mine (in the dream). I quickly contained her in that body and while the other women didb’t know what to do with her, it seemed normal for me to control her. The shop we were in didn’t have the tools I needed to exorcise her, so I summoned a male friend of mine (in the dream). He went on a search to find the proper equipment. While he was on this mission, the friends body shrunk but I held on to her. The evil spirit excreted a burning substance to try me to let go of her, but I wouldn’t. I woke up.

Geez, it’s a wonder I woke up exhausted.


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Evil spirits kept after me in my dreams last night. They attacked; I could feel the energy and pressure of their astral bodies against me. I was terrified, and struggled against them, but they were invisible and powerful. I fought.

Bryan woke me up because I was struggling in the bed against them, moaning out loud. I was afraid to go back to sleep. I imagined Yogananda with me and grabbed my necklace my brother had made for me for Christmas- a picture of Yogananda encased in gold- from the night stand.

I fell back asleep and the onslaught continued. I fought and cried and begged for help from my guru. I couldn’t find him in my dream. I battled, and I felt the evil, invisible pressure. Finally, in my dream, a wooden sculpture of Lord Ganesh appeared in my hands, and I quickly hung it on the wall. When I did, the evil spirits immediately left my dream.

I am grateful for Lord Ganesh protecting me. Ganesh used to scare me; I felt revulsion towards him, but he kept appearing in my life. People would buy me statues of him-my brother would tease me and hang a sculpture of him on his wall when he knew I was coming over. Finally, I read his story and loved him, but I have not thought of him in many years. There is a connection between Lord Ganesh and me; I’m sure now.

But where was my guru, Yogananda? Did he send Ganesh to me, or did Ganesh come on his own? I’m confused and feel abandoned. Please, if anyone can help me understand why Ganesh came instead of Yogananda, I’d appreciate your ideas about this.


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