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A stranger, a woman whom I had never met before today, bought me a crystal at the Goddess CAT store in Long Beach.

I decided to pop in and buy some cosmetics, as I had told Ifeanyi, the bright-souled owner, that when I had some money, I’d buy my make-up from her. And why not? It’s her own brand that she personally developed, and it is great quality at a good price. So, I popped in, got my hug and started feeling up crystals.

Now, when I say feeling up, I don’t mean molesting. I mean scoping out. Like I could spend all my money on crystals and not make-up, and be thrilled. But mom’s coming in a few weeks, and I only let myself go between visits. So, I was strictly scoping and not buying. I needed lip gloss and blush.

Three women came in after a 10 minute meet and greet with quartz, selenite, obsidian, and a couple of their friends. Ifeanyi greeted them with a hug and expressed delight that five of her favorite customers were there at the same time. She wants have a get together with her Goddess customers and dance with wine and flowered tiaras. I’m in.

So, we shared spiritual experiences, and I thoroughly delighted in the company of women who are like-minded. Hell, three of them, a mother with her two daughters, work with goddesses of African tradition. And I know these Goddesses in their Brazilian names and have danced for them. I have met and danced with a priestess of the Condomble while she brought Yemanja’s axe (life force) to our circle. We bonded over crystals and make-up.

As I purchased my make-up, I told Ifeanyi the crystal I loved would have to wait till next paycheck. One of the women came to me and asked which crystal spoke to me. Oblivious to her intent, I held one up and handed it to her. She said, “I’d like to buy this for you. You shared your story with us. Thank you.”

Tears came to my eyes. I thanked her over and over, and then gave my phone number to her. I hope she calls. I really want women like her in my life. Her daughters were beautiful souls as well. You could feel it from all of them.

So tonight, I held my crystal in my hand, and it spoke. Okay, it screamed. It is the most powerful stone I’ve ever held. It shook in my hand, and energy fired into my fingertips. I took a deep breath, and within two minutes, energy rushed into my left leg.
Suddenly my energetic spine opened and waves of pure, gorgeous energy pulsed strongly up my spine. I immediately felt the need to meditate, So did. I felt connected to God instantly, energy still pulsing.

I felt the life force of this crystal. It is completely and totally alive,

and it liked being felt up.


What an incredible gift to me. Thank you. Thank you.
The name of the type of quartz escapes me, but I will ask Ifeanyi, and update this post.


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I’ve been saying I want to meet people more like me and that it would help me in this path I am on.  I would be able to relate to them and talk more about my spiritual journey, energy, yoga, the Law of Attraction and so forth.  Today I really connected with a woman who has quite a bit in common with me- her name is Ifeanyi Chijindu and owns a New Age Boutique called Goddess CAT in my neighborhood.  She is creative…writes, paints and acts,  is on a spiritual quest like myself and her husband is a musician.  She has just opened this little boutique and though it’s in its beginning stages, it has a great vibe.

Her store front carries incense, Pagan books, crystals and her own line of all natural cosmetics that she developed herself…and she reads tarot.  I spent probably an hour and a half with her.  She did my make-up, and we chatted away like we’d been friends forever.  I talked to her about graphics work and even holding energy workshops there.  It felt so great to connect with someone who gets what I’m about and the path that I’m on.

While I was there, I bought an obsidian stone and quartz crystal, the obsidian for grounding and the quartz for amplifying energy.  They felt “right” to me and as I was holding them in my left hand I started feeling a buzzing and tingling.  It was incredibly intense…to the point that I nearly became teary eyed, but it also felt a little chaotic. So,  I shifted the quartz to my right hand.  I still felt the buzz, but it felt more balanced.  Suddenly it all made sense.  I keep telling Bryan the right hand is giving the energy and the left hand is grounding it.  The placement of the crystals in each of the corresponding hands seemed to correspond to this intuitive thought that I had .  The quartz will amplify the giving and the obsidian will ground and clear its path.

Crystals for Energy Healing

So, then I placed my right hand over my thigh with the quartz in it and the left hand under it with the obsidian in it.  The energy amplification from the stones was profound and kinda crazy!  They felt right at home in my hands doing this work and I know they are now tools for energy work for me.

I don’t think meeting up with Ifeanyi was a coincidence.  There is movement in my life where there wasn’t before I started all of this and the potentiality in my life is exciting.  I am choosing which parts of God/spirit that I want to experience and express, and it’s happening.


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