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Ahh. The Triple Goddess Experiment. A way to survive pain, depression and fear. Security, love and hope in a world that felt painful and over whelming. I have neglected you dear friend as I have enjoyed the manifestations of my hard work. Work has at times been all-consuming, but fun and rewarding. As I enjoy the creativity and artistry in graphic design, I also have been enjoying healing through massage, energy work and soon…micro current therapy. I am honoring both sides of myself…the artist and the healer.

Next, I am going to reincorporate poetry into my life as I start to present my poetry in open mic sessions at the local Barnes and Nobles. I will start writing again for the love it, and not the desire to complete a project or to make money. Do it because to not do it is to ignore a part of my soul. I am so excited for this next step in my life. I am reclaiming it, you know. My life is becoming mine again. Or maybe for the first time. Or maybe just the next time.

I wrote this piece after I left my ex-husband 7 years ago. A recurring theme, though this time it has nothing to do with a man, but realizing the power to do anything is inside of me. Maybe I should write a poem today called The Power in Me. Ha.

The Republic of Me

My life is for me now.
Your domination has taught me the lesson
learned for endless generations.
The revolution festered in doubt for so many years,
an uprising- a test of independence.
A retreat.
A surrender.
But when the day of reckoning came,
It was swift.

A recognition of power and
an acknowledgement of self.

you have been dethroned.
you are not my God.
you are not my King.
you have been replaced by
The Republic of Me.



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