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I’ve recently vowed to keep a diary of my experiences in healing, mediation and Qi Gong. So, I’ll catch up and then continue as inspired.

Last week, while I meditated, energy from the earth came into my body from my feet. Just below the ball of my big toe, it felt very hot. At the same time, energy from the sky came into my body from my head. I had a great sense that the earth energy was Yin and the sky energy was Yang. I was curious as to what would happen when the two energies met in my body. I calmly observed. As they met in the lower abdomen area, they twined around each other like a DNA helix and moved up my spine in this manner.

Yesterday, I woke up depressed…for no apparent reason. When I learned that Sri Daya Mata passed, I understood clearly that I felt her passing energetically. Oddy enough, I loved her but was not so attracted to her. I sobbed the entire day for her passing. I felt forcefully urged to meditate. As I did, I felt incredible peace and silence, emptiness and fullness at the same time. I, then, felt a hand press on my shoulder and stay there during the rest of the meditation. Om. Jai Guru. Jai Ma.

Today, during my standing meditation, I felt compelled to practice my Qi Gong. As I exhaled the breath and move energy from the Dan Tien area into the reproductive organs, unconciously my pelvis tilted under and as the energy moved down and through the perineum to the coccyx and up, my pelvis tilted back. As the energy moved up the spine, the rib cage expanded and as it retreated down the spin through the front of the body, the ribcage contracted. This movement continued through breath and circulation of the energy. It seemed sexual to me as it almost mimicked the pelvic movement in sex. I don’t think this coincidental. I think that sexual union is spiritual in nature, creating union spiritually and physically when conception occurs. When having sex, then, it would make sense to open the chakras and mind to God.


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While I meditated this morning, overwhelming feelings of gratitude came to me.  I felt humble and so happy for everything in my life.  All that I want is here with me already, and I am revealing it, releasing  layers of fear and limited thinking as I do. It is no irony that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I’m gettin’ in the mood early!

And I’ve decided, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am taking the day off. Yes. I have decided that this is important for me to give myself the holiday as a gift for all my hard work.  I’ll be enjoying the time with my family and friends…there will be around 22 of us! FUN!

I’d also like to share  words of gratitude from Sri Daya Mata from the Self-Realization Fellowship:

“At this festive time of Thanksgiving, let us observe it also as a blessed time in offering gratitude to the One who gives us so bountifully of His goodness and beauty in this world. If we look upon everything and everyone in a spirit of reverence for the indwelling Divine Creator, whether obvious or hidden, we know we are in His omnipresent, watchful love. A thankful heart recognizes God’s all-pervasive Presence, assuring us that in all circumstances we are eternally in the care of Him who is the ultimate source of our every need.”

More of Daya Mata’s Thanksgiving message.

She talks about trust and faith in knowing that we will always be taking care of.  We don’t need to live in anger, fear, and resentment.  In knowing that all of our needs are forever taken care of, it frees us to express our true selves.  I am forever grateful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving and Namaste.

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