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I’ve recently vowed to keep a diary of my experiences in healing, mediation and Qi Gong. So, I’ll catch up and then continue as inspired.

Last week, while I meditated, energy from the earth came into my body from my feet. Just below the ball of my big toe, it felt very hot. At the same time, energy from the sky came into my body from my head. I had a great sense that the earth energy was Yin and the sky energy was Yang. I was curious as to what would happen when the two energies met in my body. I calmly observed. As they met in the lower abdomen area, they twined around each other like a DNA helix and moved up my spine in this manner.

Yesterday, I woke up depressed…for no apparent reason. When I learned that Sri Daya Mata passed, I understood clearly that I felt her passing energetically. Oddy enough, I loved her but was not so attracted to her. I sobbed the entire day for her passing. I felt forcefully urged to meditate. As I did, I felt incredible peace and silence, emptiness and fullness at the same time. I, then, felt a hand press on my shoulder and stay there during the rest of the meditation. Om. Jai Guru. Jai Ma.

Today, during my standing meditation, I felt compelled to practice my Qi Gong. As I exhaled the breath and move energy from the Dan Tien area into the reproductive organs, unconciously my pelvis tilted under and as the energy moved down and through the perineum to the coccyx and up, my pelvis tilted back. As the energy moved up the spine, the rib cage expanded and as it retreated down the spin through the front of the body, the ribcage contracted. This movement continued through breath and circulation of the energy. It seemed sexual to me as it almost mimicked the pelvic movement in sex. I don’t think this coincidental. I think that sexual union is spiritual in nature, creating union spiritually and physically when conception occurs. When having sex, then, it would make sense to open the chakras and mind to God.


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I took a yoga class yesterday, and woke up with a very sore neck today. Last week a took a class at the gym as well, and my body hurt for a few days after. When I took my classes on the internet or just by myself, I never injured myself. Maybe I felt a little sore, but never like I had extended beyond what was good for me. So, these group classes are very challenging, and I’m thinking that I need to pay ultra attention to how my body is feeling while I’m in each pose. I have modified some poses, but apparently I’m taking it too far.

I wonder why these classes are so strenuous. Although I know yoga can be difficult, I am feeling like there is too much emphasis on “gotta get a workout in” mentality in Los Angeles, especially at this gym. I would really like to find classes that focus on meditation, strengthen and lengthen without the GRRRR factor. Doesn’t the Grrrr sorta put me more into my bullshit, rather than keeping the focus inward and towards God? I really want to focus on the outward expression of my inward journey. Well now that I know where I want to go with it, it should be easier finding a road to get me there.


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Well, now that I’m working at The Body Spectrum, I get a free membership at The Spectrum Club, and this club happens to have a lot of yoga classes. It’s been time, for a while, to get out and into an actual class, rather than flippin’ out my downward dogs on a fuzzy blue rug.

So, I took a class with Bonnie Johanson, a petite brunette with a voice to remember-turns out she’s a voice over actress. And a class too.
It was a tough class-I’d hate to think that any beginner might attempt this. It was listed as a II or III, which would relate ot intermediate or advanced. I must be an intermediate because I could handle portions of it quite well, even suprisingly, but others made me chuckle out loud. Like right! Yah, I’m gonna do that! But really, I have taken beginner classes that were tough too. So, it has me thinking.

That and the fact that my mom is interested in doing yoga, but it is all too difficult for her. Even a beginner class for her at a gym is too advanced, but why should she or millions of other people not get to learn and benefit from yoga? People who are not in good shape or who are elderly, or even just older, are left out in the cold. Yoga studios must start putting classes on their schedules for these people. Online videos and DVD’s should be catering to these people. The benefits that they would gain from yoga would help them live longer, healthier and happier lives. So, why are these people neglected again?

So, I challenge yoga studios and gyms to start putting classes on their schedules that are meant for people who cannot even participate in your beginning classes because they are out of shape, obese or elderly. You know you could devise a class for them using chairs, blocks, straps, and the like. Teach them proper breathing, meditation, and for crying out loud, modify asanas so they can participate. Here’s what I’ll do…I’ll add a link on my blog to your website if you let me know that you have a class like this or are adding a class like this to your curriculum. I will even have you as a guest author to discuss your studio, add videos and the like to promote these classes. You can be from anywhere in the country.

So, let me hear from you.


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I am grateful for living, for breathing.

As I take a moment to reflect and ponder my life, I realize that I am so attached to circumstance that surround it. Invested in the story I tell myself and what others tell me life is supposed to be about. I validate circumstance continually, rather than steady myself by internal contemplation.

Going within reminds me what is important, and what is important is breath. Undulating to the rhythm of being. It is life, no less than that.

So, why do I hold my breath when I am stressed. I literally suffer many deaths when I stop breath, if even for a moment. If time doesn’t exist and each moment is all we have, then the moment I don’t breathe, I cease to live.

I must remember to breathe. Yoga helps remind me of that, as does meditation. It is stronger since I began this experiment. My belly expands when I take a deep breath; it has become more natural.

Remember, my friends, breathe. Live.

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Kimmy’s top ten reasons to do yoga everyday:

10. Celebrities do it.
Maybe this should be number one. The power we give to celebrities in mind-numbing, but if it helps us adopt a healthier, more healthy life-style, then what the heck. Thanks Madonna for being such a stellar role-model! LOL.

9. It releases unwanted gas.
I highly recommend this pose before any date.

8. People will think you are spiritual.
Yogadaytoday.com conducted a survey to understand why some people are inhibited from practicing yoga. The survey indicates that an overwelming 57% of people survey think that it involves mantra and chanting that are about worship. So, you can be conniving, soul-less son of a bitch, but if you practice yoga, people will THINK you are on the path to enlightenment.

7. You can easily camouflage yourself in a forest.
No description needed.
6. Your sex life will improve.
That’s impressive, if you know what I mean.

5. It’s so easy, a baby can do it.
Many people are intimidated by advanced yoga poses. (Like the ones shown above.) But really, now. If babies can do it, so can you.

4. It’s so easy, even dogs can do it.
Gotta love yogadogz and their yoga dogs. Don’t let a dog out-yoga you!

3. You can do it with a partner.

2. You can defy gravity.
Everyone would love to be able to fly! Superman would have nothing on you! Except for the tights and cape.

1. Yogi Bear could be your guru.
You could learn over 500 ways to unsuccessfully steal a picnic basket and learn how to have the cutest sidekick in town.


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I’m keepin’ on, keepin’ on with a 50 minute meditation this morning and looking forward to my meditation this evening. Meditating twice a day is proving more beneficial than just the once. It really helps me understand what is truth and what is fleeting. Once is truly not enough.

I remembered yesterday about my schooling- I had forgotten about it in my struggle. I had thought to go to film school, switch my major from literature, but I wasn’t sure. Now I am. I definitely want to go to film school. My mother called me and hinted around about me going back to college, and then my brother double whammied me and talked about it as an “escape” from my financial difficulties. I’m not sure I’d approach it in that way, but it is something that I want. So now I have to figure out when, where and how. I will. If anyone knows how I can manage this or knows of any websites or people who could help me figure this out, let me know. I’d greatly appreciate this.

Well, that’s the update for today-no drama, no videos-nothing but li’l ol’ me!

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This is my 106th day, out of 365, of my Triple Goddess Experiment, and my life’s direction is taking shape.
I know that I have the gift of healing, and the ability to inspire people to better themselves and their lives. I will be working on combining this talent with my passion for creating and writing stories. As I work on a book which explore the themes of good and evil and their relationship to free-will, I am also working on a comedic animated screenplay that’s underlying theme is unconditional love. The more I keep my focus on my desire to express these messages, the easier it will be for me to finish them!

In addition, I will be working on The Triple Goddess Experiment Challenge, which will inspire and challenge those who wish to sign on to their own Triple Goddess/God Experiment. This will take work, but my vision is to provide the network and support for individuals to be able to change their lives for the better through meditation, yoga and the concsious application of the Law of Attraction in their lives. More to come on this later.

I appreciate all your ideas and suggestions.

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