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Maybe 35, long dark hair, an advertising executive. Comfortable with her femininity and a clear communicator. No pain please. And no deep tissue. She breezed into the massage room. I sat down and talked with her for 10 minutes, – I didn’t have a client after. I could afford the time.

3 months ago, she was rear ended. The other car was traveling 65 miles per hour. She suffered whiplash, and her upper/mid back hurt. The pain didn’t come until a month or so after.

A perfect candidate for fascia release work, energy work and non-invasive massage. The fascia release work released her neck and shoulders about 40% without any massage technique. Massage soothed her, bringing some blood to the area. There was a build up of energy in her mid-thoracic area, and it felt very hot. I cleared that out, then gave her qi in that area. She felt cool wind on her back, which is also how I experienced the energy from my hands. After 3-5 minutes, the energy in the area felt smooth. I, then, balanced the energy throughout her body.


Last night I dreamt that I was a part of a group of women who dabbled in spiritual things. Suddenly, an evil spirit entered the body of a friend of mine (in the dream). I quickly contained her in that body and while the other women didb’t know what to do with her, it seemed normal for me to control her. The shop we were in didn’t have the tools I needed to exorcise her, so I summoned a male friend of mine (in the dream). He went on a search to find the proper equipment. While he was on this mission, the friends body shrunk but I held on to her. The evil spirit excreted a burning substance to try me to let go of her, but I wouldn’t. I woke up.

Geez, it’s a wonder I woke up exhausted.


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I felt like Samantha from Bewitched. Last night, after I grumbled in my blog about needing to find the impetus for this blog experiment, I sat down and meditated. I cracked my knuckles, rolled my shoulders back, cracked my neck to the left, then to the right. I sniffled. Empty your mind. Concentrate, concentrate. I focused on my third eye.

Yogananda, I’m back. I’m done punishing you for sending me a boy with an elephant head to save me from evil spirits instead of coming yourself. It really pissed me off that you sent someone else to do the dirty work, but I’ll meditate again, and aren’t you sorry I stopped meditating for a few days? I mean that must’ve really pissed you off, right? Concentrate. Breathe. The breath. So, Yogananda, could you protect me in this meditation please? I really could use a bouncer here. I’ve been dreaming about evil spirits and shit all week.

Okay. Stop thinking Kimmy. Turn it off. Turn it off. Turn it off.


What the fuck was that? I peeked an eye open. Did my computer shut off. Nope. What was that? I looked to my cable/DVR box. It was shut off. Hey, I didn’t do that. I just shut the TV off with the remote like always, but not the cable box.

“Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off!”

Oh my fucking GOD! Did I do that?! What the hell. I meant my brain, not the God damned cable box! I threw my head back and shrieked in laughter.

Then, I looked at it the cable box real hard. I whispered, “Turn on. Turn on. Turn on.”


I blinked my eyes.


I took my finger and wiggled my nose. Turn on.


Turn the fuck back on you piece of shit!


Son of a bitch. I closed my eyes again. Yogananda! I mentally stamped my foot. Make it turn back on! I felt like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


Then it hit me right across my magical forehead. Nothing.

Nothing is what I want when I meditate. I’m always looking for that next gimmick to prove to myself that I’m so advanced and oh so spiritual. But meditation isn’t about tricks and magic, it’s about emptying the cup. It isn’t about the click of self-realization, but is about allowing yourself to be empty enough so that realization doesn’t happen, but is. Aristotle believed that every thing and one is in the process of becoming, and while I can understand this concept, it takes the future into consideration. It is waiting for something better. It’s waiting for the Cable Box to turn back on, when it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is the moment. The only one you have. And the peace and beauty in its nothingness.


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7 months into my Triple Goddess Experiment, and I come back to something that my coach told me when I started-“If you are experiencing a lack of money, it is because you are blocking it.” I recognize the truth in this as I recognize that this pertains to all things, not just money.

I felt tired this morning, exhausted even, and when I took a moment to meditate, it became apparent to me that I’d been blocking my connection to God. For example, imagine our connection to God is a highway. My highway to God has been a one way road, and I’ve been buying my thoughts and desires a one-way ticket down that road sending them to God. Putting the little mind in the big mind and all that. One road out of my mind with no way into it. Energy from God cannot enter into me if there is no road for it to travel. Nothing can; so, if I don’t either build another highway or turn the one that’s there into a two-way street, then I stay depleted. I need to receive and let the big mind enter into the little mind. I must work on a connection to God that goes both ways. I’ve always been a better giver than receiver, but to truly experience God, I must bring her and all she offers into my life. I must learn to receive ALL that she has to offer.

So, I’ll be working on some visualizations of a beautiful path made of light and crystal that leads from God to me. I will see God’s greatest gifts passing along this path and entering into my Auric field, energy, and mind. I will see them filling me up, and I will express gratitude for them. So it is.


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Kimmy’s top ten reasons to do yoga everyday:

10. Celebrities do it.
Maybe this should be number one. The power we give to celebrities in mind-numbing, but if it helps us adopt a healthier, more healthy life-style, then what the heck. Thanks Madonna for being such a stellar role-model! LOL.

9. It releases unwanted gas.
I highly recommend this pose before any date.

8. People will think you are spiritual.
Yogadaytoday.com conducted a survey to understand why some people are inhibited from practicing yoga. The survey indicates that an overwelming 57% of people survey think that it involves mantra and chanting that are about worship. So, you can be conniving, soul-less son of a bitch, but if you practice yoga, people will THINK you are on the path to enlightenment.

7. You can easily camouflage yourself in a forest.
No description needed.
6. Your sex life will improve.
That’s impressive, if you know what I mean.

5. It’s so easy, a baby can do it.
Many people are intimidated by advanced yoga poses. (Like the ones shown above.) But really, now. If babies can do it, so can you.

4. It’s so easy, even dogs can do it.
Gotta love yogadogz and their yoga dogs. Don’t let a dog out-yoga you!

3. You can do it with a partner.

2. You can defy gravity.
Everyone would love to be able to fly! Superman would have nothing on you! Except for the tights and cape.

1. Yogi Bear could be your guru.
You could learn over 500 ways to unsuccessfully steal a picnic basket and learn how to have the cutest sidekick in town.


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This is my 106th day, out of 365, of my Triple Goddess Experiment, and my life’s direction is taking shape.
I know that I have the gift of healing, and the ability to inspire people to better themselves and their lives. I will be working on combining this talent with my passion for creating and writing stories. As I work on a book which explore the themes of good and evil and their relationship to free-will, I am also working on a comedic animated screenplay that’s underlying theme is unconditional love. The more I keep my focus on my desire to express these messages, the easier it will be for me to finish them!

In addition, I will be working on The Triple Goddess Experiment Challenge, which will inspire and challenge those who wish to sign on to their own Triple Goddess/God Experiment. This will take work, but my vision is to provide the network and support for individuals to be able to change their lives for the better through meditation, yoga and the concsious application of the Law of Attraction in their lives. More to come on this later.

I appreciate all your ideas and suggestions.

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A new post for a new year. I’m happy to get back to my regular scheduling. It has indeed been difficult to complete all of my postings during this season. I think I’ve done fairly well, however.

So, what do I write to start the New Year? I could spew all the normal stuff about how I’m going to do this or that. How I’m really gonna get this done or that done. But honestly, I am continually and constantly reviewing myself and my life. This is really what The Triple Goddess Experiment is all about.

However, I am extremely interested in expressing my gratitude for much that I have in my life:
a relationship with a wonderful baby girl who has taught me to remember the pureness of spirit,
a continuing wonderful relationship with Bryan which is built on respect and love,
a relationship with a new guru,
an online voice in which I can share, inspire and build relationships with people of like mind,
a mother who has guided and given more hope to me than she can ever know through her coaching and through her example,
brothers who have supported and loved me through all of this financial and spiritual crisis,
a friend in Cara who inspires me to be a better, more giving loving person and who “gets” me,
a niece whose pure, kind spirit and natural goodness teaches me more about myself than I thought could ever be possible,
a family in Maine whose unconditional and constant love leaves me breathless, a body that is increasingly flexible,
a new apartment so that I can rest my mind and body,
new creative and career opportunities.

I really don’t know how I could ever have thought that I wasn’t rich. I am wealthy and loved and so incredibly rich! Instead of making a resolution this year, why don’t you make a list of what your grateful for? Then, maybe, you can discover your wealth!


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I’ve been a million times less stressed and feeling quite happy, not so depressed, since I feel like I know what I want in my life (see my Triple Goddess Experiment blog from two days ago). My self-confidence is stemming from my connection to the infinite source of all. My self-esteem is lifting because I am looking inward. I am telling God that he’s just gonna have to take care of me, because I have things I want to do in my life. Things that are important that I know stem from divine will. How do I know this? Because I feel it, and because I feel immensely passionate about creating stories that inspire and help move people. Because I am thrilled at the prospect of helping people through my words.

Since I’ve been busy with post-Christmas celebrations, my yoga suffered last night and was whittled down to about 15 minutes. I felt a bit guilty about that, but spending time with my brother and niece for “our” Christmas was worth it. We had so much fun, and I am blessed with an amazing family, and that includes Bryan.

I’ve been grasping any opportunity I can to meditate, and it is so beneficial. When I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, I feel like I am connecting with the real world. Connecting to that reality is helping me tremendously in this one.


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